MSW, LSW, our Founder/Chief Victory Officer

Eric is a licensed social worker, author and internationally acclaimed speaker. As the founder of Center for Victory, he works with individuals and organizations across the country and around the world to help them unlock their personal potential and achieve their greatest success.

In his role as Chief Victory Officer, Eric designs and facilitates training and retreats to assist families, educators, mental health providers and business professionals to discover and embrace their personal genius and the power of their relationships.

Eric also provides customized programming in the form of intensive in-home treatment and individualized coaching.

Through his extensive work in the social services field, Eric has discovered how powerful our subconscious minds can be. This understanding has led him to work with clients to unlock the potential that their subconscious has suppressed. Once the power of the subconscious is released, Eric guides his clients through a process that unlocks their personal and professional potential.

Eric has a keen and powerful ability to facilitate better ways of dealing with the external environment and conditioning while helping his clients embrace their personal genius, reduce stress and eliminate barriers that create limits on their personal and professional satisfaction.

Eric has been a guest on many radio and television programs and has worked on several projects in Africa and South America.