Empower Your People.
Enhance Your Culture.
Elevate Your Organization.

About CFV

Do you know what potential lies beneath your conscious thoughts and actions? What is your true self? What powers your connection with others and defines who you are? At Center for Victory, we unlock, reinforce, and enrich relationships through personal and professional development.

All of this is done to allow individuals to empower their people, enhance their cultures, and elevate their organizations. Through our use of assessments, coaching, and training, we get to the heart of your issues and provide you the tools to optimize your talent.

Center for Victory is a Predictive Index (PI) Certified Partner. We use this assessment and others to measure how employees will perform at work. Will they do the job? Will they do it well for a long time? Studies show that companies that use the PI assessment have decreased turnover, greater employee satisfaction, and higher engagement scores.

Along with the Predictive Index, we use the Attribute Index, the Values Index, and the Organization Health Checkup. All of these tools are critical tools when recruiting and hiring top performers. In today’s tight job market, leaders and human resource teams need every advantage to make the best decisions for the company. Center for Victory is your champion for success.

If you’ve been struggling with recruiting and talent management, let’s have a conversation.